Welcome to 1000x Faster!

1000x Faster is based on a very simple premise: You have better things to do than manual data analysis. Maybe you'd rather be drawing conclusions from the data, and sharing them with your clients. Maybe your preference is for the idea generation, and business development side of things. Or maybe higher efficiency in your work yields higher profit margins. Whatever it is that drives you, the goal of 1000x Faster is to help you finish your data analysis in a fraction of the time so you can get to it.

Our approach is also based on a simple premise: By writing computer programs ahead of time, the data analysis process can be automated. Python provides a collection of packages to read and manipulate data files, create regressions, plot results, and perform the vast majority of all data analysis operations. Planning when setting up measurements and performing experiments can streamline the data analysis process, enabling automation. With the right preparation, all of the tools needed to automate the data analysis process are available.

How can 1000x Faster help?

We will help you with this process using three different approaches.

Blog: We will regularly publish articles on our blog sharing techniques for automating data analysis. Blog posts will cover topics such as introductions to python packages, automation program architecture, structuring data collection efforts to enable automation, file management techniques, and collaboration with testers. It will provide a high level introduction to all aspects of data science automation with Python.

Publications: We will also create publications teaching you how to automate all of your data analysis. All of the same topics will be covered. In some cases they'll likely be compilations of blog posts about certain themes, presenting them in a more organized manner. In other cases they may be more in depth guides to important topics; for example, one may be a detailed guide to how to use the most important features of a particular package.

Consulting Services: Learning a new skill, such as how to automate data analysis, is hard. We get it. Some people will want some more guidance when creating their first programs. We'll teach them. Other people want nothing to do with computer programming, but do want to leverage the power of automation. We'll write programs for them.

Let's build a community

Let's be honest, we aren't perfect. We're pioneering automated data analysis, but we aren't the only people with knowledge and interest in data science. Others will have insights that we don't have. That's fantastic. We intend to invite them into 1000x Faster, so they can contribute to the community as well. This could take the form of guest posts on the blog, or others publishing guides for sale in the store. It could also mean building a diverse set of experts to provide consulting services. Let's build a community of experts, sharing their knowledge for the betterment of all.